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          Xia Jun, general manager of Shanghai-based Aijun Home Service, said the company has seen a gradual increase in bookings for Spring Festival services since early January.
          If we start economic sanctions, Russia will retaliate, and where is the end? We have an economic crisis.
          At its extremes, it will blur the boundaries of human and machine interaction, as robotics and artificial intelligence integration bring science fiction into reality.
          She is now in stable condition.
          He was accused of taking 24.
          Some test hazardous elements, such as mercury and chromium, one by one.
          6 percent to 2 million units, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) said in a statement.
          33 percent of the top engineers in China are based in Chongqing, close behind the top-ranked Shanghai with 27.
          The companys three managers were each sentenced to three years in jail, although the sentences were suspended in two cases.
          President Barack Obamas strong opposition to increased sanctions.
          Feeling the Pulse of China EconomyMore efforts are needed to improve macro economic control, boost domestic demand, adjust the economic structure, improve peoples livelihoods, and add vitality to the economic development, according to the statement.
          BEIJING - Rain and snow will sweep most parts of Chinas southern regions over the next few days, the countrys meteorological authority forecast on Monday.
          The NBS attributed the pick-up in CPI partly to higher non-food prices, which grew 2.
          The 11th escort fleet headed to Iran the moment they got the information and actively coordinated with the nearby international naval forces for assistance at the same time.
          86 million people are expected to travel by rail, and the Ministry of Railways has put an additional 642 trains into service to cope with the traffic.
          People tend to think that China is an authoritarian country, therefore if the leader snaps fingers, things will happen, said Colin Grabow, a trade analyst at the Cato Institute.
          The quake hit the border area of Rongxian county in Sichuan and Deqen and Shangri-la counties in Yunnan at 4:44 am, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center.
          Development in the non-public sector will be encouraged and it will in turn stimulate vitality and creativity in the whole economy, while maintaining the dominance of the public sector, it says.
          Chenshan Botanical Garden hostes a romantic Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day party at in its exhibition greenhouse on February 14.
          Although Gus case might not be held in public, that does not mean it will be heard secretly, the report said.
          After the explosion occurred, police in Changchun, the capital of the province, and Yulin city started an investigation, and found Wang Zhaochun, the husband of Lis elder sister, had economic disputes with the dead man and detained the suspect, according to the report.
          I made a huge mistake to gratify my vanity, she said during the investigation.
          This time he took a largely non-confrontational approach, despite at one point criticizing Western sanctions against Iran.
          With the newly released code of conduct, I have the chance to discuss the issue with them and answer their questions.
          Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said for decades, China Daily has played an active role in reporting the Sino-African relationship to the world.
          [Photo/VCG]Of the 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions that have released their GDP for the first quarter, a total of 22 saw their GDP exceed the national average growth rate of 6.
          Violations by employers such as wage deductions and delays are an old problem in China that has pressed the government to conduct such a yearly overhaul in recent years to protect workers rights.
          The incident is not the only one of its kind.
          This fully reflected the high importance the DPRK attaches to the relationship, Hu said.
          Chinese Culture - I think that many Chinese people dont know so much about their own culture.
          Many regions in China have been suffering from high temperatures for weeks, and the latest news is that nearly 66 hectares of tea plantations were scorched in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, which is famous for its West Lake longjing tea.
          With traditional movie funding sources drying up, Hollywood studios increasingly see China as a destination of choice.
          Its really convenient for us, and we wont miss anything at the meetings as well, he said.
          Civil aviation flights in northern China will be allowed in military-controlled airspace during thunderstorms in the latest move to reduce flight delays.
          Naw Kham (C), a drug lord suspected of masterminding the murder of 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River last year, is escorted in Beijing, capital of China, May 10, 2012.
          Niu Xiaolei / XinhuaSpecial: Ukraine crisisPushing the United Nations General Assembly to vote on the draft resolution concerning the question of Ukraine will only make the situation more complex, Chinese Ambassador to the UN Liu Jieyi said.
          10-11 in Da Nang, Vietnam.
          Evidence shows that avian flu viruses cannot live on in chicken that is properly cooked (to an internal temperature of 70 C).
          A customer logs on the official website of the credit reference center of Peoples Bank of China to check credit information, Oct 28, 2013.
          Kerry leaves Middle East without achieving frameworkOn both sides, neither believes the other is really serious, he told lawmakers at a House panel hearing on his agencys budget for fiscal year 2015.
          Those who did not reach the new standards must suspend production in 2014.
          According to Wang, people can grow a variety of plants, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, in a multi-layer equipment structure of different designs.
          China strongly urges relevant parties of Syria to strictly abide by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and guarantee the safety of the diplomatic institutions and personnel of China as well as other countries, Hong said.
          Shi Hengming massaged his leg carefully and pasted a plaster onto the leg.
          A villager can only apply for a loan after he becomes a union member and throws in 1,000 yuan into the pool.
          They can have this political correctness and there is nothing wrong with that but it can also be a rich mans ideology.
          In New York, the Alexander Hamilton Bridge that crosses the Harlem River has gone through a major widening and rehabilitating project performed by China Construction America (CCA).

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